Agent Stilobit is the most confident solution to keep bitumen into a stone-mastic asphalt mass homogenously, that allows to transport and compact SMA without lose of its properties.

  1. 55% - chrysotile fiber
  2. 30% - basalt
  3. 15% bitumen
0,3% against stone-mastic asphalt mass
The agent Stilobit serves to retain the surplus of bitumen preventing its flowing out and in so doing extends the lifecycle of the road surfacing. The pellets of the agent consist of the unique type of chrysotile and basalt fibers that reinforcing the road surface.


25% lower consumption against cellulose substitutes

Mineral fiber increase fatigue endurance of asphalt concrete

Micro reinforcement by basalt fiber

Overheat resistance, up to 700°C

Additive does not react with water, thus open storage is available


The stabilizing agent endures overheating, does not interact with water which results in the increase of the service life.

The stabilizing agent may be added into the mixture manually or with special dosing devices. The Stilobit agent is supplied in the pelletized form in big bags of 750 kg. If you are planning transition to the Stilobit pellets there is no need for any modifications of the production cycle.

As of today more than ten thousand kilometers of roads are made using the innovative stabilizing agent Stilobit . For many years the leading road construction companies and scientific-research institutes for road facilities acknowledge high quality of ourproducts.