New line of additives combines both stabilizing and bitumen modifier functions. Is the best solution for the most complex projects.

  1. 60% combined mineral fiber
  2. 40% modification agent (Fischer-Tropsh wax)
0,3-0,5 % against grain size composition mass.

Additive Stilobit-XL significantly increases yield strength of asphalt concrete and its compaction ability simultaneously. After cooling modifying agent is crystallized forming net structure of bitumen, which ensures stability and durable life of asphalt concrete. Modification of bitumen is processing in asphalt concrete mixer directly where its viscosity decreases, that allows to reduce a temperature of SMA mixing and laying for 10-30C. Stone mastic asphalt modified by Stilobit-XL has a longer shelf life and a high rate of rutting effect prevention (depth of ruts decrease in 2,5 times in comparison with conventional SMA)


High resistance of rutting effect appearance

Energy savings and reduction of CO2 emission in asphalt batching plant

Lower operational temperature

Pellets modifies bitumen directly in asphalt batching plant mixer